Wenatchee Vow Renewal Photo Session | Kaitlyn & David Garza

Kaitlyn and David belong on a magazine cover! Just LOOK at them – they both win ‘The Most Beautiful Person’ award of the millennium. Not only are they both gorgeous, but they are also the loveliest couple you will ever meet!! ♥

When I first downloaded the photos to my computer from Kaitlyn and David's sunrise photo session, and I saw this one (below)– it made my heart skip a beat. I immediately edited it. It may go down as one of my most favorite photos ever taken! ♥

These two love birds have already been married for 5-years, but Kaitlyn felt that she missed out on a few important things when they got married, so she surprised David with not only wedding photos that they never had professionally done the first time around, but also with a surprise 5-year wedding vow renewal – friends and family included.

We met bright and early – sunrise early, when that golden sunlight is sitting in the sky so perfectly, cascading down all around you. The golden hour allows me to play with that perfect light that engulfs you like a warm blanket - making your skin glow and come alive.

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I asked Kaitlyn to lean into David and just breathe him in. Every time I look at this photo I can feel Kaitlyn’s love for her husband.

Kaitlyn and David, you two light up this world with your magnificent smiles and love for one another.

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It melts my heart to see couples so in love. ♥

David is a perfect gentleman, and very affectionate with Kaitlyn - he helped her to walk along the uneven path, offering her his hand, and I am pretty sure I saw a couple of extra sweet kisses to his bride. I also noticed that he kept a loving eye on Kaitlyn during our entire time together.

Kaitlyn absolutely adores David and she tells him often how handsome he is and how much she loves him. Whenever I asked her to look over at David she gave him that big gorgeous loving smile.

If you can imagine seeing hearts in another person’s eyes – Kaitlyn and David’s are where you will see it.

It didn’t take much coaching from me to get Kaitlyn and David to get cozy with one another. My camera gobbled up all of the love oozing out of these two.

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Kaitlyn and David I am so happy that you chose me to capture some of your special moments in life – I feel incredibly blessed to have been given that honor, and a better person just to know you both. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!

♥ Julie

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