Wenatchee Family Photo Session | Kunz Family

The Kunz family braved the Wenatchee summer evening heat with me this week, for a perfect golden hour photo session. These photos make my heart flutter, and remind me how much I love photography, and the relationships I build with people every day.

Ashley and Brandon are parents to five of the cutest kiddos. All of these kids have spunk, and personality plus! The girls are so sweet with their rough and tumble younger brothers, and the boys just gobble up all the attention and love from the girls.

Brother: A person who is there when you need him. Someone who picks you up when you fall. A person who sticks up for you when no one else will. A brother is always a friend.

Always remember you are braver that you believe. Stronger than you seem. Smarter that you think, and even more beautiful than you’ve ever imagined.

I am a girl: I am smart, and I am strong, and I can do ANYTHING! #girlpower

She’s a sharp young lady, who’s going to do great things. What stands out is her determination, and her tenacity. When you tell her of the obstacles that block her meeting a challenge – that just spurs her on.

Ashley and Brandon have some serious SPARK between them – as you can clearly see. They are so in love; and their eyes light-up when they look at each other!

Today’s little moments become tomorrow’s treasured memories.

This little guy is full of giggles for his sisters, kisses for his brother, loving on his mom, riding on dad’s shoulders, and a hand full of rocks are an added bonus to his happiness.

The beauty of life is in each precious moment….

Be strong. Be beautiful. Be you.

So much fun captured in one tiny moment. #familytime #wenatcheefamilyphotosession

There are not enough words to describe this beautiful moment between Ashley and her sweet baby boy.

Side by side, or miles apart, we are sisters, connected by the heart.

Thank you Kunz family, for being the precious family that you are! ♥

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